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Translations in the engineering and machinery sectors

Our team of skilled translators have extensive knowledge and experience within the engineering industry, having performed the translation of manuals, owner’s manuals, instruction manuals, technical specifications for the following industries:

  • Aviation
  • Agricultural
  • Construction
  • Injection moulding
  • Medical (blood pressure monitors, digital thermometers, infrared forehead thermometers, nebulisers, chemical hygiene plan, laboratory safety plan, blister packaging line)
  • Moulding machine
  • Metallurgical equipment
  • Power and hand tools translations (hydraulic transmission jack, hydraulic body/frame repair kit)
  • Paper manufacturing machinery
  • Ventilation equipment, heating and air conditioning system
  • MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets)

Whether it be food, beverages and textiles to chemical, machinery and everything else in between, ROBERCOM LTD.  has both the experience and the state of the art technology to deliver flawless translations for all manufacturing companies.

  • Consumer Electronics translations

By delivering translations of user manuals to guarantee documents, ROBERCOM LTD. has been serving the electronics industry for over 20 years.

  • Energy sector translations

Energy sector translations is one of the long running traditional specialisations for ROBERCOM LTD., we have worked, and continue working, with some of the largest energy companies in Hungary.

Over the years, ROBERCOM LTD. has built proprietary translation technology with accompanying procedures exclusively targeted to the needs of the industrial sector. Our exclusive, specialised team of expert translators guarantee quality and accuracy of all your translation requirements.

Here at ROBERCOM LTD. we pride ourselves on our extensive experience and knowledge of terminology management as defined by some of the top leading industrial and manufacturing companies in order to describe systems, methods, procedures and products. To date ROBERCOM LTD. has delivered numerous projects including repeat projects to the construction and industrial sectors which highlights the competency of our language services as assessed by all the sector stakeholders such as engineers, technicians, dealers, suppliers and consumers.